About our SCHOOL –
How we started and our various sections

Founder’s Message

Dear Parent, as you decide the school in which you will repose the socio-academic destiny of your child, in other words as you choose the “Destiny Partner” of your child, I urge you to consider Himma International College (HIC). We have, since 1989, pursued this vision: “To train students that will be distinguished in character and learning, and students that will be employable and adaptable to life and living.”

So far nothing has changed this but for the yearly increase in the tempo with which we pursue the vision, given challenges that arise and the need for adjustments.

Meanwhile, I extend a warm Himma welcome to you


The school was founded by a seasoned educationist, Hajiya Hadiza Mamayaya Abdul (M.Ed Early Childhood Education). The school began operations on the 17th of January, 1989 as a nursery and primary school known as Fahinta Annex. It changed name to Himma in March 1989. The establishment was to meet the demand of parents for qualitative education. The school moved to its present permanent site with its new motto: ‘Ever to Excel’ on the 1st of January, 1993.

The junior secondary arm of the college came into being in 1996 and it became a full-fledged secondary school with the commencement of the senior secondary school in 2001.

Early Years School

In our early years school setup, we refined how we teach the contents of the approved national curriculum. Emphasis is on independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural psychological development.

Kids easily adapt to our methods, which ensures early reading, writing and mathematical skills.

We have more of outdoor activities in our large playgrounds where lads and lasses enjoy wheeled toys, sports and athletic games. Our childcare methods are in a calm and caring atmosphere, where we are able to manage difficult behaviours with a considerate and constructive approach. This encourages learners to think and express themselves freely.

Primary School

This section hosts learners between the ages of five to ten years in an environment that enables our learners to develop lasting impressions that will enhance their positive attitude to life-long learning. Days are filled with creative discussions and outdoor plays; each person is enriched with Drama, Debate, expeditions and as well as sporting activities. Upon entry into the school, our free-thinking, confident and independent little people are assured of success.

We believe that effective teaching involves passion, knowledge, skill, discipline, motivation and care. Our teachers are imbued with these qualities through which they create high expectation in learners and promote the culture of excellence that pervades the very essence of our school. Our vision is that in which the holistic education of an individual goes beyond academic excellence.

Character moulding is also our watchword; this is achieved through the careful nurturing of self-esteem, self-expression, and the realization of each individual’s potential.

Secondary School

The secondary school section hosts learners, between the ages of eleven to seventeen years. Learners, here, are further groomed and mentored in a life-long learning process, and are guided towards a career path of their choice.

High academic excellence without good morals is counter productive and detrimental to the mission statement of the school. Sequel to this, we pay absolute attention to the character development of our learners.

Our form teachers monitor, supervise and interact positively with the students in order to understand their mannerism. Conformity to rules and regulations is monitored strictly.


Our boarding house is a lively assembly of students from different part of the country with different experiences and perspectives, who come together and grow into global citizens. An all round physical, moral and mental development is our target for a productive development in life.

Our hostel facilities are adequate for meaningful accommodation and learning. These include:

  • Adequate security personnel and 24 hour surveillance for effective security.
  • Religious activities that accommodates all faiths.
  • Adequate supervision by trained and dedicated hostel staff.
  • A standard school clinic to cater for our learners.

Our kitchen team led by a professional chef with years of experience in the art of cooking and nutrition delivers a variety of nutritious meals to keep our students healthy.


To provide a qualitative education at an affordable price through a competent and a well motivated workforce in a conducive learning environment.


To train students that will be distinguished both in character and in learning, and that will be adaptable and employable to life and living.